The First Week of My Career Era

On Monday this week, I started my first job as a Business Research Collaborator at The KPI Institute. A job that pretty new related to my previous study. We are a team of seven from Indonesia, our position is a contract for 24 Months. The KPI itself is an International company, administrative head office is located at Melbourne, while the main office is in Romania. There are some supporting office around the world one in Dubai and one in Kuala Lumpur. There is an opportunity to open up an office in Indonesia, so they start a contracted employ to be a support for the main team and also to see if this business is good in Indonesia.

So that is a brief summary of what company I am working with. In this post, I would love to share some experience of my first week, which was so amazing. I feel a big jump at my early career.

Our task on the first day is simple, just set up an Linkedin account, making an article, and some others preparation. In my case, since I was able to submit my article right on time, I have a formatting task on a document for the following day.

On Wednesday, we did our first business trip to Jakarta. Just two days before we started working, and then we did a business trip to Jakarta, a little bit amazing for me. As the time went on, all things were made me more amazed.

We started our Journey at Adi Sucipto International Airport Jogjakarta. This is our first real life meeting as a team. We are team of eight, Me, Rima, Gatya, Badar, Agni, and Ridho are in the research team, and Mariette from publication. They are really nice people, the good thing is we are really able to get along easily. So we continue our way to Jakarta by plane, this was my first experience on plane. In this first flight ever of me, I tried not to look “ndeso”. I didn’t know if that was worked, but I am very amazed on this first flight

First day in Jakarta is a Conference on HR Performance organized by The KPI Institute.  The speakers of the conference is top managerial person in some company. They were not only from Indonesia, but some of them are delegate from nearby international company like Malaysia and Singapore. A bunch of newbie attending in such conference was a very amazing experience.

The Man in Black is Aurel Brudan, our CEO, he was very busy making sure all things went well at the conference

The conference is held at Le Meridien Hotel in Central Jakarta, a five stars hotel. This is my first experience stayed on a such hotel. Since the conference is already started, so we only stay at our room for a moment to leave our luggage and then head directly to the conference room.

At the conference, we arrived right on coffee break time. In there we met Aurel Brudan, our CEO and Alex from Malaysia team. After took some foods, the conference is started again. Agni and I took a seat on the front table, which is a rather bad choice. In this round table, there were four people, me and Agni the rest are the Speaker of the conference. Sit right beside me was Mrs. Sandra Kosasih from Sinar Mas Land and then beside her is Mr. Budi from Aerofood. Two newbies whose just started working two days ago sit in one table with such people is a lil’ bit strange. I was awkward most of the time there.

Panel Discussion

The first day was ended by a round table session with the speakers. Once again I took a seat with a professional on this field, I could follow what they discussed but I just can’t contribute at all. I just smiling and laughing each time they discussed something that was funny. 😀

After the conference is officially closed by Aurel at 4.30PM, our team gathered at one table and so we met Teodora and Mihai, a team from Dubai. We shared our first day with them, and after a little discussion with Aurel, we decided to take a dinner at Social House in Grand Indonesia mall in 7.30PM.

I barely know Jakarta. My last visit to Jakarta was at September last year for my thesis research. Staying at the heart of business area in Jakarta is a great thing to, so many tall building around us. Well, I know I am a little bit “ndeso” right? 😀

There are 14 people going out together for dinner at that night. It’s us, the Indonesian team, and then Aurel the CEO, Mihai and Teo the Dubai duo, and then Alex and another two Malaysian girls (i really forget their name, sorry, i am really hopeless in remembering names).

Before we got to the mall, we know that there were no space for the 14 of us at Social House. But we still go to Grand Indonesia Mall to look for another place. This is my first time to see a very big mall like this. Sometimes I went to Jogjakarta to go to some mall, but it is not comparable with this.

At the mall, we found a cafe, the Olivier Cafe, seems familiar? Yup, it’s the cafe that became famous because of The Cyanide Coffee, a criminal case for the dead of Mirna after drinking a poisoned coffee. But we went there was not because of that, I think Aurel and his team didn’t know anything about that. We went there because it is located near with the entrance so it is easily spotted. We wait around 10 minutes to get a seat, it looks like that case make this place more famous. Inside the cafe was so full of people, I am assured that most of them coming to this place after that Cyanide case because in fact, the food was not that good. I ordered a slow cooked beef in oxtail soup style and it taste too salty for me. Most of my friend were also disappointed with their food too, so it is not just my taste. The price is quite expensive too. Well since this was part of the “business trip” so we din’t need to spend any money while we were in Jakarta.

The KPI Institute Team in Olivier Cafe

I have a nice chat with Mihai in the cafe. We talk about many things, from work, to sport, until game. Because Mihai is a smoker, I even recommended him some famous Indonesian kretek Cigar, even though I am not a smoker :D. In this place I also really feel how urban people socialize each other, how they spoke, how they dressed. It’s a little bit strange for me because I live 4 years in Purwokerto, a small city in Central Java.

After that we directly head back to the Hotel, Aurel is staying on Kempinski so parted at the exit of the Mall. I really wanted to get some rest, and the room, the bed, and others are so cozy. Of course! The hotel rate for a night is higher compared with how much I usually spent in a month.A cool room with a thick nice blanket and a fluffy pillow, ah what a life!

The second day is a workshop. Before we went to the workshop, Gantya and I take some breakfast. All you can eat! Gosh, so many foods, this is my first experience, again.  There a three workshop to choose, I joined the one with Teodora as a facilitator. In this workshop, we discussed about KPI and Bonus System, but 70% of the time we discussed about KPI.  I really enjoyed the workshop because I can really learn something in this workshop. I also have an opportunity to have a table discussion with Mr Hoerip from Aerofood, and Mr. Azwar from Persatuan Perikatan Air Malaysia, it is like PDAM in Indonesia.  The workshop started at 9 AM and ended at 4.30 PM with 2 coffee break and a lunch.

In this second day, we also have a dinner at Grand Indonesia Mall again. But we were not as many as the day before. Mihai and Teo are went to Bali for a short holidays before back to Dubai. Aurel have another meeting right after the Workshop.  We took a dinner at Social House, a place that that we wanted to go before. This place have a good food, with a relatively lower price than Olivier. We have a nice chat in there. We also found out that Mariette is able to read a hand, then many of us were having a consulting session with her. She can read many things, from career to love. Unluckily I didn’t get a chance to be read, but my friend said that her guess or prediction is pretty accurate. Mary said that she also able to make a prediction using a card. I can’t wait to she her skill on future prediction.

Some The KPI Institute team at Sosial House 

We went back to Hotel around 10.30 PM. There was a funny moment after we went out from Social House, we take an escalator that has been stopped working. We thought maybe it just because it’s already night. Well, it is true it was already night, but the store below is already closed, so the way of the escalator was also closed. We just realized that after some of the store crew told us that the way was closed, we must take exit on that floor.  We were laughing right after we know that. This night will be our last night in the hotel, so I tried my best to enjoy the room. Get some very good sleep.

The third day is an Internal kitchen. It was like a brainstorming about the company and our project from our CEO. It was very insightful, I think this company have a very good prospect for the future. I also amazed with the vision of Aurel, our CEO, he really understand how his business should act with the global trend.  He also a really fair guy, he understand out position that mostly fresh graduate, even the two of us still on their last semester at campus. He offer a good opportunity for us to learn and get a new knowledge. In the end, I really grateful to be able to have an opportunity with KPI Institute. Even though the contract is only for 24 months, I hope this business are going well. So we can establish an Office in Indonesia. I would love to be the part of The KPI Institute team again then.

After The “Internal Kitchen” with Our Charming CEO, Mas Aurel

Overall, it was a great experience. Great company, great people, and a very great new team mates!